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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] who is conected to m0n0?
 Date:  Wed, 2 Mar 2005 13:20:19 +0100
Thx. for answer! But i can see user behind this wifi client. They are in the same subnet. Wifi AP is
set as a bride, not like nat-ed router.
I have  problem only with enabled captive portal...  Im using captive portal for cheking who is
online. But for this two user its not working. 
It looks like mono is not accepting two IP address with same MAC.But if set in captive portal
Allowed IP addresses its WORKING fine but i dont see if they are online...

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  You're AP has NAT-Masquerading enabled. Unless you can disable it, that means you can't see who is
on (e.g. connected to that AP) because the AP is accepting all of the connected users requests, and
making them appear as one computer. This technology is normally used (in a Router situation) with
DSL or Cable internet connections where it is normally not allowed to use more than one of the
providing-company's IP addresses. The bottom line: You won't be able to allow or disallow certain
users unless you can turn off masquerading (or "Routing" as it's sometimes called) in your AP's
configuration. Sorry...

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Hi guys, i want ask how to check who is contected to m0n0. Its easy with Captive portal but i had
problem with two users which are using one wirelles client... 
This wifi (ovislink 1120) is not passing MAC address of users, i can see just MAC of that wifi AP.

So for this two users ..100.11 and ...100.13 i added rules "Allowed IP addresses " and its works but
now  i dont know if they are conected or not. 
How can i check them? (without ping)  ...is there possibility to see who is conected over m0n0? 

TIA, peter