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 From:  Rolf <rolf dot kallander at home dot se>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: Fujitsu Ergopro read error
 Date:  Thu, 3 Mar 2005 08:15:36 +0000 (UTC)
Tommi Linna <Tommi.Linna <at> kotiosoite.fi> writes:

> I have got 42 Fujitsu Ergopro's to be installed with m0n0wall. After a
> couple 
> of days hard work I finally gave up. M0n0wall won't boot with any of the 
> machines. 
> I used different combinations of Hard disk drives and Compact Flash 
> memory cards and adapters. None of them worked although they did so very 
> well in my personal computer. 
> I noticed that somebody else have had the same problem. Has anybody 
> fixed the problem? I tried already manually to adjust the HD cylinders 
> etc, but it didn't help me out. 
> So I kindly ask the m0n0wall development team to fix this very annoying 
> problem if it hasn't been solved so far. 
> BR, 
> Tommi

I also have three of these Fujitsu Ergopro X (Pentium 200MHz) machines but 
have not succeeded in installing m0n0wall. I have come to the conclusion it is 
the image that do not fit the machine in someway. Have tried different 
settings for the disk (type and geometry). It is possible to execute m0n0wall 
from CD with floppy for config. However I would prefer to not use floppy due 
to reliability.

It is possible to install pfsense which do not use an image. Instead this 
installs first FreeBSD 5.3 and then the application. I believe it should be 
possible to install FreeBSD and then install the m0n0wall application on these 
machines. However, since I do not have any knowledge in FreeBSD I do not know 
how to do this since the image can not be used. 

I can also mention I tried to perform the installation of m0n0wall using g4u 
from FTP. The transfer of the image is OK using g4u version 1.15 but the 
machine do not boot afterwards. However using g4u version 2.0 the boot failed 
during execution from the second floppy and the machine reboots. I do not know 
if this two failures are related.

Please inform if you find a way to get this working.