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 From:  Flemming Munk Jensen <flemming at postboksen dot dk>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] 8Mb CF card too small for 1.2bx ?
 Date:  Thu, 03 Mar 2005 16:00:30 +0100
Manuel Kasper wrote:

>On 03.03.2005 13:03 +0100, Flemming Munk Jensen wrote:
>>>-rw-r--r--  1 jim users 7995392 Mar  3 01:14 wrap-1.2b6.raw
>>And that proves i am right, because Storage manufactors define 8Mb
>>as 8000000 / 1024 bytes wich leaves me with 7812500 bytes.. 182892
>>bytes short ?
>Huh? I always thought storage manufacturers defined 8 MB as 8000000
I dont know how the storage manufacturers define 8 Mb - i was just 
guessing :-)

> which would mean that the 1.2b6 WRAP image with its 7995392
>bytes should fit. I intentionally made the CF root filesystem
>slightly less than 8 million bytes in the hope that it'd still fit on
>an 8 MB CF card, but apparently that didn't work out (maybe due to
>CHS?). Can you determine how many sectors your 8 MB CF card actually
This is what the bios on my VIA EPIA motherboard tells me about the CF Card:

Capacity : 8 MB
Cylinder : 245
Head : 2
Precomp : 0
Landingzone : 244
Sectors : 32

The CF card have been used for a Digital camera before i got it.
I used Physdiskwirte v0.5 to get m0n0wall 1.11 on it, (at a friends 
If i look at the console when i try to upgrade to 1.2b6, i see an error 
message that dissapear faster than i can read it, because system reboots.
Errors when flashing like that is NOT fun, so ofcourse i got scared, but 
by luck or something, m0n0 actually booted to at state wich gave me 
functionality enough to downgrade to 1.11 again (pheev) ;-) I dont have 
a CF card reader so i cant fix a bad flash from my Win box...

If there is anything you would like to get "cut'n pasted" from m0n0wall 
1.11 let me know :-)


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