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 From:  "Scott Fehringer" <fehrings at onid dot orst dot edu>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  How to take 5 dynamic IP's and assign to one private subnet?
 Date:  Mon, 7 Mar 2005 18:48:16 -0800
Hi everyone.  I have a unique network setup that I was hoping m0n0wall could
handle.  Let me describe it below:


From our ISP (Comcast) we have purchased 5 IP addresses.  These IP's are
dynamically assigned, so it is not possible to predict what they will be, or
even assume they are all from the same subnet.  Each IP is assigned based on
a MAC address, so for each MAC address the cable modem sees, it will lease a
DHCP assigned IP from Comcast.  Here are a couple of example IP's to
illustrate what I am talking about:


IP #1:

IP #2:



Inside our house, we have 5 computers.  I would like each of the computers
to send its traffic through one of the five IP's, but still have its own
local IP address that is on the same subnet as the other 4 computers in the
house.  So the network would look like this:


Comp 1 (local IP: --->  (dynamically assigned public IP:

Comp 2 (local IP: --->  (dynamically assigned public IP:

Comp 3 (local IP: --->  (dynamically assigned public IP:

Comp 4 (local IP: --->  (dynamically assigned public IP:

Comp 5 (local IP: --->  (dynamically assigned public IP:


What this accomplishes is that each user in the house is permitted to use
their public IP as they see fit (to run a server, or filesharing program, or
whatever), but the computer will still be able to access the other 4
computers in the house over the LAN.


How can I use m0n0wall to set this sort of a thing up?  I have several hubs
and network cards at my disposal, so any suggestion that will work, I'll
try.  If I'm being unclear on anything, please let me know and I will
attempt to give more information.  


-Scott Fehringer