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 From:  Chris Olive <chris at technologEase dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  MW and (best) wireless option for Soekris net4801?
 Date:  Sun, 13 Mar 2005 23:55:45 -0500
I've been running MW on a Soekris net4511 with a Netgate 802.11b 
wireless kit for a long time now -- since early betas.  I'm 
contemplating an upgrade to net4801 with a wireless kit, but have a few 
questions.  I've searched through probably over a year's worth of past 
postings on the mailing list here, and am coming up with just pieces of 
information.  Questions I have are:

* I'm seeing claims of ave. 32mbps of throughput running straight (no 
IPsec, etc.)  Anyone dispute this?  I've seen higher claims and one past 
posting of near 90mbps MW to MW.  I figure 32mbps is a reliable figure.

* I saw another posting that gave me some clues on wireless 
configuration/options.  The product page at Soekris doesn't specify a 
PCMCIA card slot, so it doesn't look like this is an option as it was 
for my 4511.  Yet this posting also stated using a PCMCIA PCI adapter, 
which fits the desc. on the Soekris page -- the net4801 does have a PCI 
option.  Yet, I can't imagine the internal clearance or what the case 
would look like for a PCI adapter to be slotted into the net4801.  I've 
searched the gallery for pictures, but alas, no net4801s are specified, 
or if any are pictured, they look to have the same footprint as a 
net4501 or net4511.  (Which is what I want to still maintain.)

* Plain and simple, what is the concensus best wireless option for the 
net4801?  I've seen so many little flakey things with miniPCI wireless 
cards in the postings I've searched...  Or is this all ironed out?  I 
can't determine for sure; the information I am pulling up seems spotty 
(and narrowly focused on specific issues that don't address net4801 
wireless configurations in general.)

* Finally, with the latest beta finally putting the FreeBSD v5 foot 
forward, and thereby opening up support for a/b/g cards, what's the 
outlook here?  Anyone with anything to add on how this is looking for a 
net4801 board specifically?  I don't think I'm ready to move to the 
latest MW beta -- things seem a little shakey still and I need a little 
more reliability.  But I know Manual will get it straightened out, so I 
want to look down the road while I'm evaluating this net4801 decision.  
Right now, the last stable version and 802.11b capabilities on a net4801 
are all I'm looking for, but a peek at someone's experience with net4801 
a/b/g wireless support under FreeBSD v5 would be nice.

Thanks all,