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 From:  "Kjell N" <k underscore netsec at hotmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  VLAN - DHCP - CaptivePortal
 Date:  Tue, 15 Mar 2005 15:12:25 +0100

I have not tested VLAN on m0n0wall yet. Before I do I have a couple of 
questions for experienced users.
I have searched the FAQ and the list-archive but I did'nt find the answers. 
(That I wanted ... ;)

1) Is VLAN the same as on for example a Cisco-switch?
That is, trunking with VTP and 802.1q compatible with a Cisco-net?

2) Is CaptivePortal-interface one VLAN or the physical interface?
CAN I use CaptivPortal on more then one VLAN? (Different segments.)

3) Can I use DHCP on 3 different VLANs? (Different DHCP-scopes.)

4) Any difference with more then one DHCP-scope using "internal server" or 

Tanks in advance,

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