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 From:  Bhagwan Kadia <kontaktbhagwan at yahoo dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Monowall to Monowall VPN/routing issue+general issue -- include example for problem
 Date:  Wed, 16 Mar 2005 12:16:36 -0800 (PST)
Bhagwan Kadia wrote: 
I have downloaded the latest version of monowall from
And now configuring it for providing the monowall to
monowall connectivity with VPN.
The scenario is 
Office a
-monowall is installed on a machine with two nic cards

> I don't understand your question completely, but
>here goes.  You want to setup "Site-to-Site 
>VPN" between two mOnOwall firewalls using IPsec! 
PPTP is not as secured as IPsec.  No 
>need to setup 1:1 NAT, NAT is performed on your LAN
>interface automatically. Now for routing??, If your
>WAN interface is assigned a static or DHCP "client"
>address, the clients on your LAN should be able to
>get out to the Internet.  There is no need to setup a
>static route.  The link below is a How-to setup
>IPsec between two endpoints [office A-to-office B]. 
>Good luck!!


>>Yes, the WAN interface is assigned a static IP (say
>> a.b.c.d with the gateway a.b.c.e)

>>My LAN interface is assigned

>>I have configured a machine with ip =
>>and gateway=

>>I tried to access the internet from this machine 
>>(assuming DNS entries on monowall will    
>>     resolv the site names)

>>It failed to access internet

>> I configured the firewall by clicking "Rules" and
then created a rule for WAn interface to     

>>     allow "any" traffic to pass through, but still
the problem was not resolved (may be i have 
>>     configured it for incoming traffic)

>>when i m doing a tracert "WANip" , the output is
>>just the one hop and that is 
>>    <1ms    <1ms    <1ms
>> destination unreachable

>>      so it means my traffic from is not
>>going to WAN interface and then to     
>>      internet
>> still needmore information/solution/suggestion??
>> Thanks in advance


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