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 From:  "Greg Sims" <greg at headingup dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Shaper: Ver 1.1, WAN Magic Shaper & LAN Bandwidth Limits
 Date:  Fri, 18 Mar 2005 07:34:05 -0800
Hi All,

I've spent the last few hours working with the shaper in 1.1/beta, searching
the documentation, wiki and faqs and I'm getting no where.  I thought I
would post the forum in hopes of getting a push in the right direction.

I'm using a pb15 version of m0m0wall with limits on upload and download
bandwidth for the LAN.  This seems to be working well. I would like to move
to 1.1 for stability but need to replicate the LAN bandwidth limits at the
1.1 version of m0n0wall.  

The ideal setup would be to used the Magic Shaper Wizard on the WAN.  This
WAN configuration combined with max download rate and max upload rate for
all hosts on the LAN would really be great!

It looks like this kind of thing is coming in the beta with bandwidth
limiting on the Captive Portal.  This seems to bring the complexity of
RADIUS and waiting for a 1.2 general release . both of these I would like to

I would be willing to document the solution to this to assist the community
if I could only solve the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help, Greg