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 From:  "Greg Smith" <gsmith59 at pacbell dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: Workgroups in VPN connection
 Date:  Fri, 18 Mar 2005 22:51:56 -0800

I recommend to just use fixed IP addresses at each end with m0n0wall
DHCP, and then put those fixed IP addresses into m0n0wall's DNS list.

Win2K should resolve machine names using DNS.  You can just access
\\MyOfficeDesktop\share1 without any special typing, just
double-clicking, once you have a shortcut on your desktop (or

I do this with 3 m0n0walls and a triangular VPN, from WinXP laptop
clients that could be on any of the 3 LANs to WinXP, Win2003SBS,
HPJetDirect, SnapServer etc resources which reside semi-permanently on
one of the LANs.


-----Original Message-----

>I setup VPN connection between my home and office network (based on  
>workgroups). I can ping office machines and watch shearing resources.
>I can't see workgroups and any computer in Local Places. So I must
>Start - Run - type for ex.: \\\Shearing_folder_name. At home I
>have different name of workgroup.
>How to setup VPN connection to see workgroups and machines at office?

>Office's systems: Windows 2000Pro and one Windows 98. I have Windows
>at home. m0n0wall 1.26b5
>Thanks for answers :-)
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