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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] 1.2b6 lock-ups ....
 Date:  Thu, 17 Mar 2005 15:32:15 -0500
I haven't really been paying attention to this thread, but I'll throw out
a random bit...

We have one WRAP board/case here that does that. The flash was previously
a Soekris4501, which has been running perfectly for over a year. Same
flash card on another WRAP is fine. Same flash on another Soekris is fine.
Its just this one particular board.

When I leave the top off the case of the WRAP it has yet to lock up, will
go for weeks at a time. I'm using it now.

When I put the top of the case back on, the WRAP will lock up eventually.
Sometimes in 2 days, sometimes a week, but it always happens. When it
locks up I try to check for overheating, but there are no signs. Case is
pretty cool, and the insides feel reasonable as well, but I do not know
the environmental specs of these things.

So, probably not helpful, but try running with the top off :)


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Hi Chris,

Chris Buechler wrote on Fri, Mar 04 2005:

>I don't know what the freezing issues might be, as I've never seen them

I now got a WRAP (previously a Soekris net4801). Unfortunately I had two
more freezes: one after 7 days uptime, the other after 2 days uptime
today. It does not seem hardware related. A collegue of mine also
experiences the freezes within about a week and has gone back to
1.2b3 (WRAP).

It simply stops working, logfile (remote-log) indicate nothing suspicious.
WRAP/Soekris is dead, has to be power-cycled.  The only thing common is
the 64 MB SanDisk CF card, I already used it in the Soekris. Is there a
possibility that the card might be somehow faulty?
Should I try switching to another card?

TIA   Frederick

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