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 From:  Chris <clow at esimail dot org>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  DNS Forwarding Issues
 Date:  Mon, 21 Mar 2005 16:09:38 -0800
I just moved to m0n0wall from a leaf/Dachstein firewall because we wanted 
to experiment with VPN services. We're having an issue with DNS forwarding 
on the m0n0wall box however.

m0n0wall is set to do DHCP and forward the DNS servers to clients. We have 
the same 2 DNS servers listed in the General Settings as were on used on 
the Dachstein box so we know those are good servers. We can ping them, and 
if we manually enter them on the client machines they work fine.

However, if we don't enter them on the client machines and just let the 
m0n0wall assign them along with the DHCP Lease it doesn't always work. We 
have about 16 WinXP clients and 1 Win98se client and it only works on 1 of 
them which I was using as my test machine before we switched firewalls. 
None of the other 16 machines can reach web pages but they can ping 
external IPs.

After reading the archives I have tried about every combination of adding 
and removing the DNS servers clicking the save button and rebooting I can 
think of but nothing seems to trigger it to work. Everything else we've 
configured m0n0wall to do is working fine (allow smtp & pop3 traffic & 
forward it on to our Exchange server, and VPN services).

I use Yahoo as my test page with the one box that works and another weird 
thing is about 10% of the time it will load the text but not the images.

17 machines really isn't that many so I could just go and add DNS servers 
manually to all of them, but it'd be easier if m0n0wall just forwarded them 
on like it's supposed to. Did I miss something in the setup or any other 
advice to help get this to work would be appreciated, thanks!

Searched the archives and came up with a similar issue:
The same thing is happening to me, but there was never a resolution posted. 
Any new info available?

symptoms similar to:
but nobody replied so that wasn't really helpful.

Then there's this one:
Too new to have any replies yet I suppose.

Symptoms like:
Except even after adding the DNS servers manually it still only works on my box.