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 From:  JSimoneau at lmtcs dot com
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Help connecting two local subnets
 Date:  Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:02:32 -0500

This is over-complicated, unless you can give a reason why you need to do
all this or need more than one router. You can just install a single
monowall with three interfaces and be done with it. Interface 1 for the
WAN connected straight to the cablemodem, interface 2 for LAN1 (.1.0) and
interface 3 for LAN2 (.2.0). You can keep each of the LANs completely
separate if you like, only making a few pinholes between them so users can
access shared printers between the lans. 

This way you can manage everything from one router and eliminate a switch
or two. I have the same thing running at more than one location with great

Josh Simoneau


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Subject: [m0n0wall] Help connecting two local subnets

Hi guys, having a bit of trouble with this and can't figure out why.
Basically my setup is this: cable modem connects to a switch, that switch
connects to two separate routers, one serves network and
the other serves network. The .1.0 router connects a LAN
interface to another switch to which all of its hosts are connected. The
.2.0 connects to a third switch on the LAN interface to which the .2.0
hosts is connected, and I also just installed an OPT1 interface which is
connected to the .1.0 switch.

Basically we have a number of devices (like network printers) on the .1.0
network that the .2.0 guys need to be able to access. I configured the
OPT1 interface with, set up a static route on the LAN
interface with destination and gateway At
this point it looks as though I should be able to access the other
network, but so far I can't ping anything over there.
The "Enable filtering bridge" is unchecked, so the firewall shouldn't be
blocking packets (and there's nothing in the firewall log about this).

Any ideas on what I'm missing? In the system log I'm getting this when I
try to ping anything over there:

kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for
kernel: arplookup failed: host is not on local network

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