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 From:  Andreas Mixich <amix at enternet dot hu>
 To:  "'Mailing-List m0nowall'" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] How to expand m0n0wall ?
 Date:  Mon, 01 Dec 2003 19:57:49 +0100
Fred Weston wrote:
> Andreas,
>   Based on what you are asking for, I think m0n0BSD would be a good
> choice.  You can run the BSD kernel and whatever services you want on an
> old PC, or even a Soekris if you want something appliance like that
> doesn't make any noise.  Manuel suggested using Webmin, which would give
> you a decent web administration utility.  If that doesn't work for you,
> then you're just too hard to please. :-)

Ah, the last mail was, accidentaly, a private reply.

Okay, since it seems I might unsubscribe (sorry, sad to say this, but 
why stay ?) I will try to clarify my needs. I was a bit detailed in my 
first post, but somehow that got left out.

When I felt a need for a router/firewall at home I checked out the 
Soekris, but back then only the low-end version existed and my request 
on the mailing-list provoked even flames :-( The EPIA-CL (Mini-ITX with 
dual LAN) did not exist back then.

So I decided to cook my own. (As always)

Since this is for my home I have no desire to run a seperate firewall, 
the only solution I would accept is an embedded Firewall system on a PCI 
card but that is very expensive. (300 Euro, 

Now I have a So370 based Micro-ATX system in a custom case (designed by 
myself) with two 120mm temp-controled fans, running with 256MB DDR266 
and a VIA C3 "Nehemiah" at 1GHz. The CPU is cooled passively. The PSU 
was modded by a friend of mine. Right now I run a single 120GB harddsik.

I plan to add a S-ATA Raid controller as soon as I have better overview 
of their performance. This also allows to run a 4th disk as JBOD and use 
it as HotSwap backup-solution in a 5.25 frame. It couldn't be more 
perfect :-) !

The final goal is to run system-software off of a IDE-Flash, while 
running $HOMEs and other storage from RAID.

This might look strange but this is my HomeServer and I am not turning 
it off, even when I go on vacation. However, /then/ I only need the 
harddisks run twice a day for fetchmail. Should help to save power, 
produce less heat (why run an unused RAID-5 over two weeks ?) and, well, 
I admit, its fun to try new things.

As long as I have searched for appropriate hardware as long I am going 
to search for appropriate software, it seems.

I was very fascinated by m0n0wall. I would love to run *BSD on that box,
and have an integrated package. m0n0wall does much better than Webmin, 
and is very sweet, so I had a hope, that some people also like to 
combine it with more 'aggressive' services.

Anyway, thanks for all the replies.

I am going to find something based on FreeBSD (OpenBSD did not inastall 
on my 120GB hda, whereas FreeBSD 5.1 did, partially, and I might upgrade 
to a dual C5P CPU (dual RNG, AES in hardware, peak: 12.5 Gb/s)
and OpenBSD is not SMP.

I hope nobody is angry with me regarding this post, which is a little 
off-topic, I know you guys are hardware-enthusiasts as much as me and I 
believe, that many of you will like to hear about other solutions.

Especially the last link might come interesting, since it shows a very 
nice solution, that offers most of the "embedded" advantages but with 
more horsepower and the possibility to add generic hardware. Just look 
at that dual C5P Mini-ITX board with PC400, USB, Firewire and dual LAN.


I hope I could shed a little light on my 'exotic' needs.

Bye, Andreas