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 From:  Bryan Marc Schaubach <omschaub at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Why I left M0N0Wall
 Date:  Sat, 26 Mar 2005 11:33:30 -0500
Hello m0n0wall users,

I am not here to flame, I am not here to berate anything.. just to
describe to you my series of events that led me to giving up on m0n0wall..

First off, I have been a very happy m0n0wall user for a long time now..
I am a heavy P2P user with a personal LAN of about 6 computers, one of
which uses P2P a lot.  I switched TO m0n0wall because my crappy d-link
router crashed at least once a day because of the packet load.

With that said, I have had a good relationship with the ease and
functionality of m0n0wall.  So from there, I have been using the beta's
up until 1.2b5 .. when I upgraded to b6 my computer would give a seg
fault on loading -- I guess my celeron 933 was just too outdated for
it?? oh well.. not to worry, I liked b5.. it worked great until....

The link to the forum with a description of the problem and the solution
is here:

I initially thought it was my AMD64 box running Gentoo, but come to find
out, the packet loss was due to m0n0wall.  This 24% packet loss might be
fine for everyday surfing, but to me running heavy P2P apps, it is
detrimental...  P2P apps like Azureus send a tremendous amount of
packets on one port to the router at once.. and this is the crux of the

My main machine does indeed run a gigabit card and I have had everybody
I know run that ping command.. some on the stable m0n0wall version and
some on beta versions and it all resulted in a 20-24% packet loss for
EVERYBODY.. from someone using a 400mhz machine to even better than my
933 celeron with 512MB of ram! 

So, test it yourself.. from a LAN computer run ping -f -c 100000
192.168.x.x and see what happens.. do it to another computer in your lan
and then to the m0n0wall box..  I bet you will find that m0n0wall limits
the connection speed and actually drops packets if they come too fast.

So I switched to ClarkConnect and now when I run the ping command, I get
0% packet loss.. I talked about it to a few people and they suggest that
I post to the m0n0wall list just to let you know what my experiences are...

Now there might well be a fix for this, but alas, for me -- it is too
late.  I have switched and have a lot more control over the system than
I had before as ClarkConnect has integrated mrtg and I even installed
gkrellmd to monitor things from my local machine.. I know that this is
COMPLETELY out of the scope of the philosophy of m0n0wall and I
absolutely respect that.. it is not a flame in ANY way.. I appreciate
your efforts and wish this project the best.. I just wanted to post my