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 From:  A dot L dot M dot Buxey at lboro dot ac dot uk
 To:  Matt Juszczak <matt at atopia dot net>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Problem(s) with 1.2b7
 Date:  Sat, 2 Apr 2005 07:08:51 +0100

> First, it seems that no matter what you do, as long as radius itself is
> enabled (not radius accounting), the logout box still pops up.  We took it
> manually out of the configuration and uploaded it, and then the box was no
> longer checked, but the second I made a different captive portal change,
> the box got checked again automatically.  This is annoying :) hehe.

the wording on that page does say that the logout box is implicated when RADIUS is used.

> Second, and most importantly, our upgrade to 1.2b7 doesn't want to work
> with radius and the captive portal.  The captive portal login screen
> loads, and we can login incorrectly.  The incorrect login is displayed and
> written to the captive portal log file.  But when we login successfully,
> the radius server authenticates successfully (returns OK in the radius.log
> file on our radius server), but the login just hangs... and the page
> eventually times out.  It never loads our starter page.  In the captive
> portal log, the successful login isn't displayed, either!

exactly the same issue as I have seen and reported with my email 2 days ago to this list. you
happily see the 'okay' on the RADIUS server, but the m0n0
captive doesnt 'carry on'. incorrect logins immediately throw you to the
failure to login window. I was wondering if an extra Reply was expected 
from the RADIUS server - ie because it now it looking for a bandwidth
Reply, it doesnt handle NOT getting a bandwidth Reply or somesuch

- I dropped back to 1.2b3 in the meantime