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 From:  Vinc Duran <uberpfloyd at gmail dot com>
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Low-cost VLANing
 Date:  Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:52:57 -0600
I just ordered an ALW-3016T for about $50 USD including shipping. I don't
know who makes it or if it's particular implementation of 802.1q vlan will
really work with my net-4801 and monowall. It's sort of a gamble...

Well, I think a Trendnet TE100-S16V (16 port) or TE100-S24V (24 port) might
fit in your price range, I hope. I've seen the 16 port for as low as $65 US,
and the 24 port starting around $125 US.

That's a good deal for a 10/100 managed switch, I think.



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Subject: [m0n0wall] Low-cost VLANing

I know this isn't strictly on-topic for the list, but since there are so
many knowledgeable networking folks on the list, it seemed the sensible
place to ask.

Has anyone found any cost-effective VLAN-capable switches? Everything I've
seen is hideously expensive (&#163;300+), and even more expensive than that
you want gigabit. I'm trying to find a cost effective method of VLANing a
single cat5e link between two buildings. Adding extra cables isn't feasible
- there's a pavement over the top.

Any info greatly appreciated.


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