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 From:  Justin Ellison <justin at techadvise dot com>
 To:  Adam Gibson <agibson at ptm dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS update to a different server than normal DNS queries
 Date:  Wed, 13 Apr 2005 10:48:39 -0500
The RFC2136 dynamic dns client on m0n0wall is the nsupdate program from
the bind distribution.  Search the web for man nsupdate, and you should
get all the info you need.

While you can't specify which server to send the update to, it should
work no matter what as long as your DNS is set up properly.  Say, for
example that I wish to update m0n0.techadvise.com using nsupdate.  The
nsupdate will look up the SOA record for techadvise.com, and pull the
master name server from there, which is ns1.usa-companies.com.  nsupdate
then sends the updates to the server ns1.usa-companies.com, even though
I have a different resolver specified in the DNS server field.

So, if you are trying to update your ptm.com zone, it is going to send
the requests to mirage.ptm.com which is at, no matter what
your DNS Server is set to.


On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 11:00 -0400, Adam Gibson wrote:
> I have an ISP that issues a DHCP address to m0n0wall.  For DNS lookups I 
> need to use the DNS servers that the ISP gives out through DHCP. 
> Everything there is working just fine.
> What I need is for m0n0wall to keep using the ISP's DNS servers but to 
> send a Dynamic DNS update to a totally different DNS Server to update 
> the m0n0wall's IP address so that it resolves to the new IP/hostname.
> Looking at the gui for dyndns it appears that it has to use the DNS 
> server that is setup for normal DNS queries.  Is there a way to override 
> that and use a specific DNS server just for the RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS 
> updates?
> My goal is to use x.x.x.x DNS server for normal DNS queries and y.y.y.y 
> DNS server for RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS for my firewall hostname name.
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