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 From:  "David Kitchens" <spider at webweaver dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Re: Can not get address from cable modem?
 Date:  Sat, 16 Apr 2005 01:33:57 -0400
OK, lets start from the beginning. What hardware is your m0n0 running on?
What version m0n0? Are you sure the interface you are plugging the modem
into is the WAN? Silly question I know but even I have done it wrong before.
Two network cards I am assuming? Check the MAC address on the card itself,
most NIC's have it printed on the card. I have never needed to try spoofing
a MAC with m0n0wall. Since you can get to the m0n0 web pages I assume you
have the LAN card set correctly. Try using a different card for the WAN?
It's possible that card is not working if you are not getting a proper
subnet mask when hooked to the linksys. I have setup several m0n0walls up
for myself and clients on various cable networks and not had a problem. I am
using Comcast here and a few weeks ago set one up on Adelphia cable with no


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> Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Re: Can not get address from cable modem?
> Pulling my hair out!
> I tried both, unplug modem for ~15 mins - restart cable modem 
> - fire up m0n0 - NO GO!
> Next, unplug modem for ~15 mins - set m0n0 MAC to same as WAN mac on
> BEFW11S4 (which was working as I type this) - restart cable 
> modem - boot up m0n0 - still NO GO.....
> One thing I notice, when I hook m0n0 to a port on the linksys 
> it grabs an IP and on the link status page on the m0n0 it 
> shows a gateway address and no subnet mask but when I hook it 
> to the cable modem it shows IP address and subnet as
> Thanks to all who are trying to get me pointed in the right direction!
> Later,
> Rich
> Selina Holland wrote:
> >i had cable at one point, and what worked for me is in the setting 
> >where you have a mac address, make that one read the mac 
> address of the 
> >actual nic card that is connecting to the modem, in other 
> owrds, what 
> >ever is there make it say the REAL mac address......i have 
> time warner, 
> >and comcast also and worked like a charm for me
> > 
> >so to Recap,
> > 
> >look at console for mono, hit 1
> > 
> >then find the mac address of the wan connection write it 
> down, then go 
> >to the gui and input that same mac addresss into the seeting for mac 
> >address, and should work fine
> >
> >Ugo Bellavance <ugob at camo dash route dot com> wrote:
> >Rich Elliott wrote:
> >  
> >
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