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 From:  Chris Buechler <cbuechler at gmail dot com>
 To:  MonoWall <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] comparation between netgear FVS338 vs. monowall
 Date:  Sat, 30 Apr 2005 21:13:08 -0400
On 4/30/05, James W. McKeand <james at mckeand dot biz> wrote:
> NetGear will come with a single copy of a branded SafeNet SoftRemoteLT
> IPSEC Client (NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Client). You can use this client
> with m0n0wall, but it does not come with it...

Good luck getting it to work though.  I have now ripped out two of
those Netgears and replaced them with WRAP+m0n0wall because even after
being on the phone with Netgear tech support (at $39 for a call), the
VPN never would work.  I'm sure others have likely had different
results, but the second one I ripped out was after someone else had
the same experience as me - on the phone with them, still would not
work for anything.

The Netgear GUI also sucks, IMO.  It's about as unintuitive as
something can be.  Unless I've really missed something all the times
I've worked with one, they lack flexible firewall rules and NAT rules.
 I could work around most of it, but it's just a horrible experience
working with them for me.  Give me a Cisco command line over that any
day, and a m0n0wall over either of those.  I've worked with a lot of
firewalls and I've never felt as shackled as with the Netgear.  It
felt like I had to kick the thing repeatedly to get it to do what I

> M0n0wall is not limited to number of VPN clients - NetGear limited to
> 50 VPN clients.

A WRAP, 4801, or 4501 isn't going to do more than 50 simultaneous
sessions anyway.

> I don't think m0n0wall will do RIP v1 or RIP v2 - NetGear says does.
> (someone correct me if wrong...)

Yeah but I would bet next to nobody uses RIP on their firewall.  

> On the performance side, I can compare the clock speed of processors.
> The NetGear is a 266Mhz processor. The Net4501 is a 133Mhz processor.
> The big question is what kind of processor is the NetGear? The Net4501
> is a 486 class processor. The Netgear claims a throughput of up to 90
> Mbps WAN-to-LAN and 100 Mpbs 3DES throughput. I don't know how this
> compares to Net4501/m0n0wall combo.

If it really will get 90 Mbps, that's about twice as fast as a WRAP,
about 4 times as fast as a 4501.  Throughput isn't really an issue
here though, since any of those will be substantially faster than the
internet connection.

Not really comparing apples to apples though as far as MHz goes, since
the Netgear is a RISC processor.

> While the m0n0wall list is good, you can call NetGear if you have a
> problem. (i.e. "REAL" support). The NetGear also has a nice 230 page
> manual. NetGear is a member of ICSA's Firewall Product Developer's
> Consortium (if that means anything to anyone...)

"real" support is definitely an advantage.  Though if anyone wants
"real" m0n0wall support, for a per-incident price I'll give you my
phone number (it wouldn't be the first time).