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 From:  Blake <bmagic at cccwireless dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Gotta be a Solution!!!
 Date:  Sat, 07 May 2005 13:15:57 -0500
I am using 1.27b. I have noticed that the LAN interface doesn't have the 
bridge option. I have a fairly simple setup - One ethernet and two 
wireless.... Simply trying to get the rules so that everything is 
allowed. I am simply trying to get everything on my ethernet network to 
go out to the wireless nics. ALL TRAFFIC. Anyone who wants to connect to 
wireless will get the same results as connecting to ethernet... I don't 
want the m0n0wall unit to change IP addresses or NAT or anything. I have 
it all working on my wired network already. I just want it to transmit 
it all out on the wireless NICs.

Currently I have changed the LAN (sis0) assigned to WAN. So now WAN is 
sis0 and LAN is ath1. OPT1 is ath0. I bridged OPT1 with WAN. THAT 
WORKS!! Everyone connecting to OPT1 (802.11b) can get DHCP from 
ethernet. I just can't get the LAN (ath1) to do the same thing. I have 
all firewall rules set to allow everything from all to pass on all 
interfaces. The only thing that I see a difference is that I don't have 
the option of Bridging the interfaces from LAN to WAN. Where I do have 
OPT1 bridged which works.

There has to be a way

Any suggestions?