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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] I have a Dynamic IP from my ISP TPG internet. Heellppppp!
 Date:  Tue, 31 May 2005 14:47:13 +0100
I also have a Dynamic IP, ADSL connection using PPPoE and it works fine with
m0n0wall (1.2b3 here). I only need to select "PPPoE" type in the WAN and
then in the PPPoE configuration, insert the correct user/pass supplied by
the ISP. Also you can use both an ADSL modem or a ADSL router that should be
in RFC1483 bridge mode, not in routing mode. I have tried both with success
in dynamic and static IP enviroments. You should try configuring your modem
with the DHCP server disabled and with all the routing capabilities disabled
(some "so called" modems have routing facilities) and let m0n0wall take over
the rest. Here in Portugal we also need to configure some parameters like
VPI/VCI on the modem. Get this data from your ISP.

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Subject: [m0n0wall] I have a Dynamic IP from my ISP TPG internet.

Everybody should get a laugh out of this.....


I am sorry everyone, oh and yes Chris I did mean to say thanks to Manuel for
writing a great program such as m0n0wall.oops.  Anyway, I truly am a
networking idiot.  I just cannot access the internet from my client PC through my LAN which then goes to the WAN (I hope) and unfortunately, to make matters worse, I have a Dynamic IP
from TPG internet.


I have read the manual from cover to cover more than a dozen times.  I have
added rules, deleted rules, left monowall at it's default settings etc etc.
I am using a Dynalink RTA100+ ADSL modem and it has a setting within it's
own WebGUI that allows you to set it up as a DHCP Server/Relay???.  TPG
internet uses PPPoE and I am confused as to which gateway address I should


I have successfully setup 1.2b8 on a CF card and I can boot into the WebGUI
just fine. After re-adjusting the WebGUI to state that WAN uses DHCP, it
states that the interface is up and running but when I set it up to use
PPPoE the WAN interface goes offline.


Can anyone please run me through the setup of m0n0wall as if I was a
complete idiot and didn't have a clue, (actually, I really don't have a damn
clue what is going on).


Thanks in advance.