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 From:  David Courtney <dcourtney at cfl dot rr dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Can't get DHCP address from Wireless card
 Date:  Fri, 12 Dec 2003 21:39:32 -0500
This is probably a "stupid question", but here we go anyway ...

I plan on buying a Soekris net4801 so I can experiment with embedded 
systems for educational purposes.  I plan to use m0n0wall with it so I 
figured I would download the PC, CD ISO and familiarize myself with 
m0n0wall before the new hardware arrives.

I downloaded the ISO, burned it with XCDRoast, no problems so far.  (I 
couldn't get m0n0wall to successfully boot on *this* machine but I don't 
have a floppy drive in this computer so I assume that was the problem? 
But instead of telling me I don't have a floppy drive, m0n0wall seems to 
hang part way through the kernel detection process.  No big deal there. 
   Might just be an anomaly with this computer.  It boots fine on my 
other machine which does have a floppy.)

My *other* machine has a Netgear FA311 PCI NIC and an Orinoco PCI to 
PCMCIA bridge with a Lucent/Orinoco Gold 802.11b PCMCIA card in it.  I 
have Linux installed on that machine and am able to use the Wireless 
card with no problem.  When I boot from the m0n0wall CD and select 
option 1 to specify the LAN/WAN setup, I do see the MAC address for the 
Orinoco card.  So I assume that means m0n0wall recognizes the PCI to 
PCMCIA bridge as well as the PCMCIA card?

I set the WAN (the Netgear PCI card) to sis0, and the LAN (the Orinoco 
Wireless card) to wi0.

Unfortunately I'm unable to get an IP address via DHCP from the m0n0wall 
server/firewall.  Since there doesn't seem to be a command line of any 
kind (that I can find?) in m0n0wall, I'm pretty much at a dead end.  I 
don't know where to look.  I rebooted the computer and took a look at 
the XML config file to see if there was some kind of default SSID or WEP 
enabled or anything like that, but I didn't see anything that I could 

I tried manually setting the IP address on my Wireless card (being sure 
to match the IP subnet of the m0n0wall server) and I still couldn't get 
to the server's web config.  (The wireless card in this computer works 
just fine by the way.)

I also tried physically unplugging my Netgear wireless/router thinking 
that the signal coming from the Netgear wireless/router might be 
interfering with the Orinoco card on the m0n0wall machine.  That didn't 

I switched the LAN and WAN (sis0 and wi0) and was able to get an IP 
address from the DHCP server and was able to the web server config by 
coming in over the Netgear PCI card.  So at least the server seems to be 
functioning properly.

So that's it really.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why the m0n0wall 
firewall/server won't give me an IP address over the wireless Ethernet?

	-- David