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 From:  "Fred Weston" <fred at daytonawan dot com>
 To:  "'Monovall Lists'" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Webserver on LAN behind m0n0wall NAT
 Date:  Mon, 15 Dec 2003 02:37:54 -0500
Does anyone know firsthand if the following will or will not work with

Let's say you have a server running a website along with a client
machine on the LAN interface of your m0n0wall, and your Internet
connection on the WAN side.  You set up port forwarding on m0n0wall to
fwd port 80 from WAN to LAN so Internet people can get to your website
and that works fine for that purpose.  Now, my question is if you typed
the external IP address of the firewall in on the LAN client PC, will
you be able to access the server's website?  In other words is it smart
enough to take your request from the LAN and then forward it back to the
LAN, or would you always have to type the server's LAN IP address in
order to access it?  I have only tried to set something up that way once
before with a Netgear router, and it wasn't smart enough to do that so I
ended up having to change the hosts file on each computer so the host
name resolved to the LAN address instead of the WAN address, and
needless to say, that was just a big headache.

Thanks for any insight.

Fred Weston
DaytonaWAN Networks Inc.
Ph. 386-673-2514
Fax 386-255-2060