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 From:  Andreas dot Schaefer at Proleit dot de
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  multiple PPTP connections from behind a m0n0 wall 1.2b7 do not work
 Date:  Fri, 3 Jun 2005 12:35:03 +0200
Hi folks.

We are currently using m0n0 wall 1.2b7 on a site.
It is connected to the internet using PPTP to the ISP (Austria).

Now we have the problem that only one host (w2k) can successfully
connect from behind the m0n0 wall to a pptp server on the internet.

if a second host (w2k or xp - doesn't matter) tries to connect to
the same pptp server it it will fail with different errors.
(All in all the error messages are not very helpful - typical M$).
After disconnection the first host _and_ resetting the nat and fw tables
of the m0n0 wall the second host can succefully connect. 
But at this stage the first host (w2k) can no longer connect.

So only one host can connect successfully to the pptp server at a time.

We have a diffent site in germany that does not use m0n0 wall 
(but a native FreeBSD-nat-router) and they can connect multiple hosts
at the same time to the PPTP server from behind the nat/fw. 
But thy use PPPoE to connect to the ISP.

I tried to trace this using tcpdump on the m0n0 wall but was not very
successfully in uploading the stuff and starting it. :-(
Tried to pipe tcpdump output over netcat to a remote host....

Any hints or tips? 

best regards

Andreas Schaefer
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