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 From:  "Adam Wilks" <adam dot wilks at weymouthwireless dot co dot uk>
 To:  "Monowall Mailing List" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Re: ADSL Link with DSL-300T modem on WAN IF.
 Date:  Fri, 10 Jun 2005 17:22:41 +0100
If you look further into the problem I believe you will find that the
DSL-300T is in fact a 'half-bridge' meaning it will bridge frames from
Ethernet to ADSL but leave the modem to perform all authentication with your

...at least this is how mine works with an X-Modem from ADSL nation.

Even with the modem handling auth, you will probably need to apply the m0n0
patch I knocked up some time ago (with help from the list) which alters the
default route after a public IP has been established. I forget details now,
but my previous posts should help you.

Try executing these commands from the exec.php page to test before

    route delete default
    route add default -interface -link tl0

Substitute tl0 for your WAN interface adapter.

If it works, mail me for the patch.

Would be nice to see someone build a 1.11 image with it incorporated? Anyone
up to it, or has it been done already? :)

Hope this helps someone.


Adam Wilks

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Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Re: ADSL Link with DSL-300T modem on WAN IF.


fredag 10 juni 2005 13.09 skrev Gary Barclay:
> Chris,
> I'm trying to do the same as Neil was doing with his Origo box.
> The DSL-300T supports 'Bridging' when selecting this option all the
> configuration paramters normally available are removed from the GUI of
> the modem.  This should then allow for the PPP negotiation to be
> handled by M0n0wall.  With this configuration, I am unable to get
> m0n0wall to establish a PPP link through the modem.  I have tested
> that PPPoE works on this particular DSLAM by using a different device
> to establish the connection with no problems, furthermore when the
> modem is used to establish the connection, it too has no problems.
> The problem is that m0n0wall does not seem to be able to use PPPoE
> through the modem to establish a connection.

You have probably tested it all but...

I have used both 300G and 300T with PPPoE on the m0n0wall and it have worked

for me.

One problem with the 300T and Ericsson DSLAM exists. An update can be
found at www.dlink.se.

The 300T is a "router" with builtin modem and if it finds a PPPoE server
it automaticlly switches to router mode and turns the DHCP server on.
Check if the DHCP server is off.

When you apply changes to the modem they will not be saved and if you
turn off power it will revert to router mode.
In the tools - commands menu you will find a save command. 

And as always check the ATM VPI/VCI values, if to use VC or LLC multiplexing

and so on.

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