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 From:  "Graham, Robert" <rgraham at mem dash ins dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Network fileshares across IPSEC VPN
 Date:  Wed, 22 Jun 2005 17:52:57 -0500
I am having an issue with fileshares through the m0n0wall.  I have searched the list and came across
several posts regarding this and the fact that m0n0wall blocks netbios broadcasts, but I am not sure
if that is my problem.  This is what I am attempting:

     Laptop User ----> Internet(IPSEC Tunnel) -----> Cisco VPN 3005 Concentrator ------> m0n0wall
-----> Internal Network

Other Info:
- Laptop is part of our Windows domain
- Cisco VPN Concentrator is the end point of the IPSEC tunnel, and it provides a DHCP address to the
vpn client.  It also provides IP Address for our "Internal" DNS servers (Windows).
- M0n0wall is just used to restrict what the different vpn groups can access on the internal
LAN/WAN.  We do not use it internally to pass traffic out to the internet.

Everything is working: Http/Https, ssh, RDP, Communications with our Exchange servers, etc.. EXCEPT
fileshares.  When I try to do:

net view \\{Servername or IP Address}  I get a system error 53 has occurred.

If I run nslookup either by IP or name against our internal machines, it resolves successfully.  

My understanding was that Active Directory with Dynamic DNS did not require WINS or modifications to
the LMHosts file for NetBios traffic to transverse subnets.

Any help in this matter would greatly be appreciated.