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 From:  "Norman H. Azadian" <norman at azadian dot ch>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  WRAP heat dc++
 Date:  Sat, 25 Jun 2005 14:49:13 +0200
Yesterday it got nice and warm up here in the attic where my WRAP-1D 
firewall (v1.11) runs with the cover off.  All day my dc++ connections were 
going up and down like a yo-yo.  They'd run normally for 5-10 minutes, and 
then the connections would collapse, usually all together.  After about 5 
minutes, they'd start coming back up again.  I've never seen this behavior 
before, even on other days when it got nearly as warm.  Meanwhile, my Bit 
Torrent (Azureus, on a different machine) never skipped a beat.  Note that 
the BT is running up on my (Linux) server, which is up in the attic next to 
my firewall, whereas the dc++ is running on an W2K machine down in the cool 
basement.  I know that the connecting WLAN was not the problem, because I 
was able to transfer files between the machines with no problems.

Poking in the log, it appeared that the NAT was sometimes failing, 
resulting in packets getting blocked.  Since the BT also runs on NAT, I 
don't know why dc++ should present a special problem.  Possibly it is 
because it is the last inbound NAT I added (I have 12), and therefore it is 
at the end of a list, so if the hardware is flaking out then perhaps those 
at the beginning of the list are more likely to get through.

I have a 1200/200KBit ADSL connection, of which I reserve 16KByte upbound 
for BT traffic.  I tried resetting the firewall, but that didn't seem to 
help.  I also checked my dc++ machine for nasties with 3 scanners.  Today, 
it seems to be running normally again, probably because it is rather cooler 
than yesterday (only 30C up here).  Note that I'm feeding the WRAP with 
9VDC from my power supply brick, which is rated for 560ma at this voltage. 
  It does get rather hot.  It is plugged into an (APCC) UPS, so primary 
power shouldn't be the problem.

 From this I conclude:

   1) The WRAP and/or its power supply is prone to overheating
   2) I need to set up a small fan for the WRAP and PS for hot days


   1) Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?
   2) My PS is adjustable; would I be better off using a different voltage?

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