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 To:  "S. Klapprott" <sascha dot klapprott at freenet dot de>
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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Re: OPT1 isnt answering... / NO Response from OPT1 ?
 Date:  Tue, 28 Jun 2005 17:26:10 +1000
On 6/28/05, S. Klapprott <sascha dot klapprott at freenet dot de> wrote:
> Don't know, thats why i asked my question.
> But the Problem only occurs after  some hours - not direct after I connect
> the lan cable. I don't think that the oport may have a fault.
> How could I locate the problem ?
> Greets,
> Sascha
> Paul Rae wrote:
> > If the problem only happens on the OPT port, have you considered that the
> port itself may be faulty?
> >
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> > Subject: [m0n0wall] Re: OPT1 isnt answering... / NO Response from OPT1 ?
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> > Hi,
> >
> > i'll try to explain it again :)
> >
> > ON WAN: my DSL-Modem is connected
> > ON LAN: is FREE - no one is connected to the LAN PORT (its reserved for
> > friends)
> > ON OPT1: My PC is connected to.
> >
> > NO HUB / SWITCH is connected to the WRAP Box
> >
> > But  if I connect my PC to the LAN interface of the WRAP the Problem
> doesn't
> > occur.
> >
> I have Soekris hardware so this may not be relevant, but it took me some
> time to work out what was wrong with my OPT1 port.
> You don't say how the OPT1 is configured. In my case, I configured it to
> bridge to the LAN. Then, when I attached any network cable to it, no
> lights, no connection - looked broken.
> Then, I plugged a device in using a cross over cable, and as if by magic
> - lights and connection appeared.
> So, if you have OPT1 bridged to LAN, you might like to try a cross over
> cable, or crossover plug, and see whether that solves the problem.
> You will also need to add at least one rule to your firewall
> configuration to allow routing from OPT1 to anywhere, if that's what you
> want.
> Regards
> Ian

If you plug any PC directly to any other PC (eg:m0n0 is effectively a
PC) then you require a crossover cable.  Not certain of exact
terminology, but PC's are DTE (data termination endpoint) devices and
(most) network equipment are DCE devices (data comms endpoint).  Using
twisted pair ethernet requires a DCE device is connected to a DTE
device (that is what the uplink switch does, effectively reverse the
pins for you so you can link two DCE devices together with a straight
thru cable, though one is actually behaving like a DTE because of the
uplink switch).

Many devices of the DCE variety (switches, etc) now support autodetect
since many ppl get it wrong or don't have the right cable at the
critical point.  M0n0 (as a PC) doesn't do this, hence if you connect
a PC/laptop/DTE device then you need a crossover cable.  If you
connect virtually any dedicated network device, then it is DTE to DCE
and all is well with a straight cable.

Sasha: Does this problem occur after you move a computer from the LAN
to OPT1, or at any time?  Is there a particular reason why you're
bridging OPT1 and LAN together?  If you unbridge them and create a new
subnet for OPT1, does it work then - ie:can you browse the net for
example?  Sorry to ask so many questions...