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 From:  spamail at gmx dot net
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  =?ISO-8859-1?Q?secondary_IP,_vlans_and_routing?=
 Date:  Mon, 4 Jul 2005 00:11:01 +0200 (MEST)
I am new to monowall and freebsd, but have worked with Nokias and Checkpoint
for a few years.

I have four FE interfaces.
fxp0, fxp1, fxp2, fxp4

fxp0 = WAN
fxp1 = LAN
fxp2 = OPT1
fxp3 = OPT2

I want to have four vlans on fxp2 and two vlans on fxp1

fxp2 is directly connected to a PC whose FE is acing as a trunked port
(under vmware) with 4 vlans / subnets

fxp1 is connected to an ummanaged gigabit switch which is vlan aware. There 
is a non vlan subnet and vlan 201. There are pc connected via gigabit and FE
interfaces. There is a gigabit connection to the vmware box which is
configured to vlan 201.

I have set the vlans on monowall - from the exec.php pseudo CLI access, it
doesn't seem to exist in the gui. 

I have assigned each interface a secondary IP address using :

ifconfig fxp1 inet netmask alias

where is the secondary default gateway for the

Now I understand that I need to :

1) define the vlans for each interface
2) assign 2nd, 3rd ip addresses at the appropriate interface

My questions are :

1) how can I get to the CLI ? ssh doesn't seem to work and it doesn't seem
available from console
2) is there a tcpdump or similar so that I can capture packets at the

I assume that I don't need to add specific routing for these vlan subnets,
as they are directly connected to the fw as 0 hop.


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