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 From:  "Thomas Paumier" <thomas dot paumier at tiscali dot fr>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Trafic shaper seems doesn't work as expected
 Date:  Sat, 20 Dec 2003 23:15:47 +0100
Hello !

In first, I have read ALL 1400+ emails before posting this one.
I am a student in computer network administration (2nd level) in France.

I have installed a m0n0-box in a friend's cybercoffee shop. It's a small PC (p2 300,64sd, 2Go hd)
but fits perfectly requirements for the usage we have.
I want to say that i love your software ! I am pretty experienced with linux -- i know that FreeBSD
is NOT linux, don't bash me ! :p -- from the start and i like "a box for all" policy.

I connect to internet trought a RP114 wich is in WAN side, customers can play as always,
but (yes, there's always a "but" :-( ), it seems i don't understand how shaper works.

I have read a reply from M. Manuel Kasper (April, 2) then i have set this rule for testing :
If=Lan, Proto=FTP, Source=any, Port=FTP(21), Destination = LAN Subnet, Port=FTP(21), Bandwidth=64,
Delay=Nul, Mask=destination.

But after this a user can still download a file at 90ko/s without any problem (through ftp protocol)
from internet. I'm totally stuck, i don't understand how define rules for traffic shaping and it's
the first goal of my m0n0-box.

Could you please give me some help ?

Ps : i have read a post from Federico Krum (november, 25) who talked about a manual. If you need
help to make a french translation, i can help you.