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 From:  "Kasper Pedersen" <m0n0list dash kkp at kasperkp dot dk>
 To:  "'mono'" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Changing the WAN MAC address kills the wan interface, and one Q
 Date:  Sun, 21 Dec 2003 00:24:13 +0100
I'm running generic-pc-pb22r566 on a board with 3 RTL8100B (onboard version of RTL8139, yes I know
they're misfits) chips and a Via
Ezra-T cpu:

I take a fresh image, set static IP on the WAN and LAN interface, and disable 'block private
networks' for this test. It routes
packets as it's supposed to.

Then I change the MAC address of the WAN interface and it ceases working. I then try to ping a host
on the WAN side from the webgui.
The host does receive the ARP request with the new MAC as source, and the ARP response looks good.
This is repeated 5 times, no ICMP
packet is ever sent, and the webgui replies with either 'the host is down' or just '100% packet
status and packet extract can be found at: http://m0n0prob.kasperkp.dk
Rebooting the m0n0 does not make it work.
Removing the forced MAC does not make it work either -
Removing the forced MAC address and then rebooting does.

It's as if the NIC is still filtering to the old MAC address and can't hear the ARP replies to the
new MAC?

Q: I have a few ports that I want to return ICMP port unreachable packets. As far as I've read on
IPfilter, it does not support
sending back port unreachables, so I've mapped these to closed ports on a server. Is there a
cleaner, prettier way?

/Kasper Pedersen