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 From:  Dave O <dso at mssystems dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  hardware swapping and/or IPSEC issues...
 Date:  Fri, 08 Jul 2005 12:33:09 -0500
Hi all.  Kudos to all the developers for the great little firewall and 
everybody helping here on the list.

First let me describe our current setup.  We are running m0n0 version 
pb19r535 on a Soekris net4501 functioning as a NATing router.  We have 
an IPSEC vpn going to our parent company who uses a Watchguard Firebox. 
  Everything is working ok as far as us accessing their servers. 
However, they are unable to access any of the machines on our network. 
Here's a diagram of our setup.

     +    172.16.33.x
     =    pb19r535 on soekris net4501
     =   watchguard firebox

I realize that I need up seriously upgrade m0n0, but I've tried to 
upgrade it and the hardware as well (WRAP-1E) but then everything 
suddenly stops working.  Being that we need several machines internet 
accessible, the net4501 is immediately restored and we come back to the 
need to upgrade.

So, I'm hoping someone can provide suggestions on what to do.  We need 
to allow the other end of the vpn to access our network.  Is there 
anything I should look at on m0n0, or could it be on their end? 
Otherwise, has anyone run into a problem swapping out the hardware and 
it not being immediately accessible to some of the servers.  In our 
situation, the email server stops working and I somewhat suspect it's 
due to the mac address table on the switch, but I could be wrong.

Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks y'all.