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 From:  Raylund Lai <raylund dot lai at kankanwoo dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Accessing ADSL modem
 Date:  Sat, 16 Jul 2005 18:44:13 -0400

I've SpeedTouch Home ADSL modem attached on m0n0 WAN (xl1) and acts as a 
bridged-PPPoE ADSL modem.  That is m0n0 will do the PPPoE 
authentication. But the web or telnet connection can only be made to the 
modem if directly connected.

I've followed the instructions on  
without luck.

I checked my WAN interface and m0n0 showed "ng0" with my public ip.  I 
cannot set aliasing on ng0 with this error returned:
$ ifconfig ng0 inet alias
ifconfig: ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR): Destination address required

I could alias the interface xl1 though and completed all the 
instructions.  After that, I still cannot connect to the modem through m0n0.

Could someone help me on this issue?  I want to monitor my adsl line 
operation data such as SNR given by the modem and not disconnected from 
the internet.