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 From:  "Paul Rae" <PRae at aminocom dot com>
 Cc:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Problem with WRAP.1E-2 (3 LAN / 1 miniPCI) 128MB boards
 Date:  Tue, 19 Jul 2005 17:30:26 +0100
I've recently seen similar problems on a soekris board too. When it gets hot everything starts to
get sluggish. Poweroff for a while leave to cool and everything is fine.

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From: Chris Buechler [mailto:cbuechler at gmail dot com]
Sent: 19 July 2005 17:24
To: Tom Dostal
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Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Problem with WRAP.1E-2 (3 LAN / 1 miniPCI) 128MB

On 7/18/05, Tom Dostal <tom dot dostal at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I'm having a problem with running monowall 1.11 on WRAP 1E-2 boards.
>  I received the first board and installed Monowall v1.11 and used it
> as my firewall connected to Charter cable.  It worked fine at first
> and then after a few days it began to slow my internet connection to a
> crawl.  At first I thought it was the ISP but then I began to suspect
> Monowall/WRAP and reconnected by old WRT54G as my firewall box and my
> internet was back to normal speed.
> I returned the WRAP board to the supplier as defective and obtained a
> replacement.  I installed the replacement and it exhibited the same
> behavior after a few days.  Does anyone have any idea what the problem
> is?  I suspect heat may be the issue.  I have the board installed in
> the vendor's aluminum case and it gets warm to the touch.  

No clue what the problem might be without some more information.  A
copy and paste of all of /status.php on your m0n0wall would help.  If
you'd rather not publicly disclose that, you can email it to me

WRAP heat issues usually seem to exhibit themselves with solid
freezes, not slow performance, so my first guess is that isn't the
case.  They also seem to normally run warm to the touch in the vendor
aluminum case.


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