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 From:  Anacreo <anacreo at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  SunFire V20z and m0n0wall
 Date:  Wed, 20 Jul 2005 09:46:04 -0500
I was able to burn the CD image and boot a new SunFire V20z (2 cpu, AMD 
Opteron 64 system, w/2 gigabit ethernet interfaces -- bge0, bge1) into 
m0n0wall and was able to successfully introduce latency and bandwidth 
constraints through the GUI.

I must say that this software is very impressive and I look forward to 
having some time to contribute some code. I am very pleased with the 
functionality, the GUI, the fact that it just works, etc.

I also have to say that testing the field of hardware traffic shapers this 
is a steal, a $2,100 2 way 1U system, with 2 pci-x slots you could get a 
total of 10 gigabit ethernet ports, 1gb of ram and all the key features. 
You're easily talking $25k+ for a dedicated hardware solution approaching 
those kind of specs.

Some features that could be nice additions to m0n0wall:
NAS w/RAID: The ability for the box to share out its disks on the LAN side 
and offer RAID performance/redundancy -- if I'm going to run this at home it 
would be nice to only have one piece of hardware up and running and this 
would be a great feature.

Remote Backup: Ability to mount filesystems from remote shares and create 
backups on disk or tape.

LDAP Server: Ability to be a single sign on device via LDAP
DNS: A gui to being an actual DNS server with the zone files being 
maintained on the floppy/flashram

Snoop interface: The ability to create snoops rules similar to the traffic 
shaping and be able to activate them and turn them off. The snoop data could 
be stored in ram and the file could be saved via the web interface to be 
used by Ethereal.

If there was a SPARC build maybe those $200 1u Sun Netra's on e-bay would 
have some use...

Anyhow this is a beautiful project, thank the maker!