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 From:  Phil <xphilz at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Problem with WRAP.1E-2 (3 LAN / 1 miniPCI) 128MB boards
 Date:  Sun, 24 Jul 2005 11:13:07 +1000
Hi John,

Thanks for the input. 

My PSU on the m0n0 is 12v DC and 1.0A.

I was running the 1.2b7 for ages as I have an atheros wireless card as
well and I didnt want to loose wireless support by upgrading, but the
issues I have been facing got so bad that the only way I could get the
m0n0wall\WRAP to be stable was to go to 1.2b9 which changes the kernal
back to 4.x as you mentioned and this has been a lot more stable. So I
am guessing that my problems are with the WRAP board now and its
interesting that you are running 15-18V where I am only running 12v.

I will do some more investigation into this. Thanks again. =))

On 7/23/05, John Stoffel <john at stoffel dot org> wrote:
> Phil> I have the WRAP 1-2 as well and I am in Australia where its winter at
> Phil> the moment and my computer room is very cool. I am also having very
> Phil> bad performance from this box and I think its due to the heat as when
> Phil> I touch the case of the WRAP box its almost at the point where its too
> Phil> hot to touch. Symptons include;
> Phil> - Complete network slow down (turning off for a while is only way to fix)
> Phil> - Corrupted my memory card due to the heat and had to re-flash
> Phil> - DHCP stopped working; had to re-flash (this is re-occuring, has
> Phil> happened about 6 times now)
> What kind of power supply do you have on your WRAP board?  It sounds
> to me that you've got one with a voltage output on the low end, so
> that the WRAP is having to bring up the voltage internally.
> Make sure you have a power supply that is pushing 15-18V to the WRAP
> board, that should help alot.
> If you post your power supply info, I can check what my power supply
> is when I get home and we can compare.  But my WRAP runs just fine
> from waht I see...
> I'm runnig 1.2b7 I think.  Should probably upgrade to the latest beta
> and go back down to the 4.x series of kernel.
> John