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 From:  "Eric Hilden" <eric at linkednetworks dot com>
 To:  "'Chris Buechler'" <cbuechler at gmail dot com>
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Routing/Networking Problem
 Date:  Mon, 1 Aug 2005 16:14:18 -0500
My firewall rules are currently * * * for all interfaces setup. I'm assuming
this allows all traffic. Still doesn't work for me for seeing other subnets.

So if I am understanding you correctly, should I do the following? 

Make OPT1 a bridge with the WAN interface. Then plug my OPT1 port into a
switch from where I have the subnets coming from. Then I just have one
interface but then what do I bind for addresses as both of these subnets
currently have customers on them and their gateways cannot change. How then
can I bind the IP's to an interface if it is a bridge? How will the subnets
then now where to go or the gateway for that matter? 


Subnets(/27 & /26)--(m0n0wall OPT1 & OPT2)--(m0n0wall WAN /30)--(Cisco /30)

From what I am understanding this is how the diagram should go. The subnets
are on a switch coming from a wireless AP link in another city, to a POP. At
the POP I am trying to put in m0n0wall. There I will have two cables that go
to my switch (unmanaged) to m0n0wall. M0n0wall is then setup to WAN form - /30 on a CISCO. This link works fine. I just
can't get the in-between stuff to happen. 

> OPT1  This is gateway for customers
> OPT2 This is gateway for customers

If I bridge these connections to the WAN wouldn't I need to proxy for .97
and .129 then? 

Let me know, I can post my configuration as this really has me confused
along with another network engineer that is working with me on this project.

If it matters it is an Adaptec QFE 10/100 card TX that is supported under
Unix and Linux.

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Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Routing/Networking Problem

On 7/30/05, Eric Hilden <eric at linkednetworks dot com> wrote:
> Now I am trying to route 2 subnets to the WAN interface which I get the
> problem, route already exists via static routes.

static routes on the router, that is?  should be routing the two
subnets to the WAN IP of your m0n0wall.

> Does m0n0wall support multiple IP's for an interface? I was trying to add
> the two subnets I want routed to OPT1 through the exec command but I don't
> think it will work.

not in the GUI, and if you try to do it manually it's a major pain. 
Much better off using one interface per subnet.  Gives you better
control that way anyway.

> These are my two subnets: /27  and /26
> So one of my goals was to have OPT1 with and
> I don't think that is possible currently in m0n0wall; therefore I tried
> setting up one subnet per interface.

if you bridge an OPT1 with the WAN and use an IP from each subnet on
the Ethernet of the router, you can put them on one subnet.  The way
you have it now with two OPTs is probably better though.

> OPT1
> OPT2
> Then when to do the static routes to the WAN interface I setup the
> Destination as /30 for OPT1, but it won't allow me to add a
> second route to the WAN interface for OPT2.

you don't need routes for your directly connected networks.  Other
than that, assuming you have your firewall rules setup appropriately
and your routes on the router correct, it should work fine.


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