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 From:  "Devin Gleeson" <dgleeson at ProcessMail dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Can't get Inbound Server NAT to work.
 Date:  Thu, 18 Aug 2005 16:24:27 -0400
I was looking and people keep saying the same things to fix what seems
to be my problem. I've been fumbling around for hours and can not get
this to work.


My setup:

LAN is

WAN is ("Block private networks" is disabled)


LAN is connected to my network which contains a webserver
( and everything else m0n0 LAN is

WAN is connected to my laptop by a crossover cable. m0n0 WAN is static and Laptop is static


I have entered a Server NAT for external IP of and named
it "Test Website".


I created an Inbound NAT that uses the "Test Website" Server NAT as it's
external address. Protocol: TCP, External Port: HTTP, NAT IP:, Local Port: HTTP, Desc: Test Website


I checked "Auto-add a firewall rule to permit traffic through this NAT


Under Firewall Rules it created: TCP   *   *   80
(HTTP)   NAT Test Website


When I try and go to from my laptop (, it just
comes up with "page cannot be displayed".


I can ping my laptop from m0n0. I added a firewall rule: ICMP   *   *
*   *   Enable Pinging

So now I can ping from my laptop, but I can't ping


I've been trying this for hours and can't get anywhere. I even tried not
using a server NAT but that doesn't work either. I couldn't seem to get
the 1:1 NAT to work using the same process.



What am I doing wrong???


Thanks in advance for any shred of wisdom that might help me here!!!!