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 From:  <Kamil dot Wencel at hvbpensionsfonds dot de>
 To:  <mitch at webcob dot com>, <Hilton at quarkit dot com dot au>, <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  AW: [m0n0wall] Asterisk behind DMZ w/ traffic shaper
 Date:  Fri, 19 Aug 2005 10:17:42 +0200
I am sitting in the same boat. I haven't completely understood the basic rules
the "magic wizard" is suggesting. Currently I don't have much traffic using VOIP 
so it is not a big deal right now but sooner or later it will be. And I don't feel 
very comfy to know that I don't know howto properly handle the shaper. Any form
of HOWTO or guides would be great. With some simple examples to get a better 
understanding of how the trafic shaper really works. i.e. a httpd up / down pipe
for a certain bandwith and a matching voip pipe calculated on the given / needed bandwith.



> I've noticed a number of questions from Asterisk and SIP VOIP users
> about how to configure the Traffic Shaper in m0n0wall to allow their
> VOIP to function optimally.  Unfortunately, the answers seem to be rare
> and not (that I've seen) complete.
> Is there anyone out there who has a m0n0wall Traffic Shaper ruleset for
> VOIP usage?  If there's no-one updating the manual with this information
> then I am willing to take this on, even though we don't use VOIP here
> ourselves yet, and I'll keep updating this section as we start to play
> ourselves.
> --
> Regards,
> Hilton Travis                          Phone: +61 (0)7 3344 3889
[Mitch says:] Amen!

I've been looking for information by reading through lists - I've made
guesses and tried things - I'd love to see some documentation - starting to
play with SIP here too - this stuff needs to be written down - even a few
pointers to man pages and stuff would be great!



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