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 From:  <chostert at gmail dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Damn that DMZ
 Date:  Tue, 23 Aug 2005 01:18:25 -0400
Damn that DMZ

# Greeting
Hello friends, I am going for the humbling experience of asking for some

I have monowall set up on a Nokia device with 3NICs. LAN and WAN are set up
fine but as the title implies, I am having problems with setting up the DMZ.
I have followed the monowall tutorial to a tee, and am not having any luck.

I have the DMZ interface set up, and DHCP works on the interface. From a
client on the DMZ network I can ping the GW (the ip addy of the interface)
and I can nslookup (through monowall doing forwarding). This is as far as I
can get. I have gone so far as to set all the firewall rules to allow all
(not for long) and still I get nothing. Dose anyone have any ideas, am I
missing a step or something obvious? Is there any correlation with the odd
mac addy I get for the DMZ interface? Its all f's.

#Additional info
I have included some screen shots if it helps any at: