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 From:  Daniele Guazzoni <daniele dot guazzoni at gcomm dot ch>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Question on how to tunnel IP address
 Date:  Wed, 24 Aug 2005 03:06:49 +0200
"I want to allow all the internet traffic from an friends PC to my PC"
"It is the only way these games will work"

Although I don't believe your statements, if it where like this we would 
have to shut the game developers !!

For sure your game will use just a subset of all communications 
To implement what you're asking you don't need a firewall but rather a 
router (or a leased line)...

(already mentionned) ask the community / game company for the ports who 
needs to be open.
install ethereal and sniff the communication.

I assume that you and your friends are connected with xDSL / CATV / Dial 
/ wathever but not directly on the Internet backbone.
The PCs at both ends are private addressed and therefore without any 
sort of encapsulation and/or translation you will not be able to 
interconnect them over the Internet.

If your game is designed only for LAN it could probably use multicast 
which you will also not be able to transport over the internet without 
any helper.

If you find out the network specs of your game you will also get a 
solution for your problem.

Or you can still asking questions like
"Can I drive with an F-16 on the highway from Paris to Berlin ?"
Sure you can. It doesn't make any sense but it's possible...


Andrew Batson wrote:
> Hello 
>>I think what you were seeing before is essentially the same 
>>functionality that you see on the Linksys type consumer 
>>routers.  They normally provide a DMZ capability to allow you 
>>to forward all input to a specific machine.  I would highly 
>>recommend you not take that approach however.  Find the ports 
>>required by your game, ( a search of the company's support 
>>site or googling for playing xyz behind firewall will 
>>probably get that info) then forward only those ports through 
>>your firewall to the designated PC.
> 	Humm, not sure if my question is working out right.
> 	I know and understand what you are talking about but what I want to
> do is to allow all the internet traffic from an friends PC (which I know the
> IP address too) to be pass thought the Firewall to my PC - it is the only
> way these games will work. 
> 	Ex. Friends IP ---> M0n0Wall IP ----> My PC's IP
> 	Is this possible?
> Thanks for your continue help in this matter,
> Dyslextic
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