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 From:  "Gianfranco Risaliti" <gianfranco dot risaliti at yogitech dot com>
 To:  Kamil dot Wencel at hvbpensionsfonds dot de
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: AW: [m0n0wall] Router UMTS GPRS ADSL
 Date:  Thu, 25 Aug 2005 19:08:19 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Kamil, all

So firts of all thanks for your attention, cause we are working so much
about this feature, I'm thinking about it since i saw m0n0wall and soekris

I'm doing this development with Alessio Fabiani how is in charge to take
care about the software development of the necessary configuration pages;
we are almost at the end of this development, just to finish these web

I tested these feature mentioned in the email subject, with another
device, infact some times ago I bought a Mikrotk routerboard RB230 it's
look like soekris 48XX, they have the same facilities and the same
processor SC1100, when I'm talking about facilities i mean PCCARD, memory
GPIO port. If you want to know something else follow this link

The development is done with beta 1.2b7 cause we need that kernel version
to use UMTS pccard (cardbus 32bit).

I've tested it with Vodafone connect card VMCC GPRS and Quad/3G/UMTS GPRS.
These connect card are selled by OPTION firma.

About adsl router we are using a alcatel speed touch usb his beaviour from
the kernel side is almost the same of Quad/3G/UMTS GPRS card.

Concerning the display I'm using a 4x20 Char controlled by HD47780, I've
fighted a lot to have it up and running, but at the end I did it !
Just to say to you when you are asking me about display, if you want now
to put hands on that you have to take a look to www.routerboard.com, there
are some routines and examples on development section, then  in order to
be used in BSD you have to exchange eachother the outl() outw()

if outl is outl(0x...., PORT); you have to change it into
outl(PORT, 0x......);

Today and tomorrow I'm in Nice and I'm far from my routerboard ... I miss
it :), On moday before going in Muenchen i will send you that part of
developed software concerning interface device configuration and other
interesting document.

Thank you m0n0Wall !!!


> Hi all guys,
> we are pleased to announce that we have succesfully done several
> modifications to m0n0wall in order to let him accepting as interfaces
> GPRS cards and ADSL usb modems too.
>  Me and Gianfranco Risaliti have modified/added something to the kernel
> and
> built some php pages where the user can easily insert his PPP
> parameters,
> save the configuration and restart m0n0wall obtaining a fully functional
> router UMTS, GPRS or ADSL.
>  Moreover Gianfranco is building up an 4 lines LCD screen with 4 buttons
> (and me helping with some of the C software) that let the final user :
> 1) see several status informations on PPP connection
> 2) if there are more than one configuration, easily switch between each
> other (and reboot m0n0wall)
>  Cheers,
>  Alessio Fabiani.
> ---
> thanks fpr your efforts. especially the LC display would be a really nice
> add-on.
> I was trying this before, but I couldn't bring it to life with bsd. are
> you using
> parallel port type HD44780 ( most common ) or some serial matrix orbital
> display types ?
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