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 From:  "John Bartlett" <john at unitedcomputer dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  disconnect on LAN side machines, must ipconfig /release && /renew to get to work again
 Date:  Fri, 26 Aug 2005 12:54:15 -0400
Here is the problem I am having.                      26Aug05

When I'm surfing a side with a lot of pictures I get connection problems 
faster then idling/using IRC or AIM. Sites like Ebay. I get no disconnection 
warning from the Physical network part, I still have an IP address, Subnet, 
Gateway, DNS servers, but I can not connect to any other IPs on the network 
or the internet. All the applications loose connection. Sometimes not all at 
once, I can't web browser but AIM or IRC still work for a short time. The 
only way to get connected again is, ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew and 
I am connected again.
I have also had this problem with my web server which is never used for 
connecting to the internet other then updates, and the way to get that 
connected is to reboot the router.

I have had this problem since I started using m0n0wall about 10 months ago. 
I switched out some older hardware (133mhz I think w/ edo ram) for a 550 
128mb ram thinking it might have been the old RAM was bad. It greatly helped 
the problem but I still have the problem.

Earthlink Cable, (Brighthouse)
Gateway (brand)  for the router
550mhz (I think a p3)
128mb RAM
210mb HDD

LAN NIC goes into a 16 port Gigabit switch
SERVER NIC goes into webserver directly (cross over)
SHELLS NIC not in use atm
WAN NIC goes into cable modem

LAN XP/win2k3 server
SERVER win2k3 server

m0n0wall 1.11
built on Thu Nov 11 23:02:41 CET 2004


WAN interface
MAC address00:50:fc:9c:f7:03
IP address24.110.56.93
Subnet mask255.255.254.0
Media100baseTX <full-duplex>
In/out packets28802425/1377499 (2.78 GB/356.26 MB)
In/out errors0/0

LAN interface
MAC address00:20:78:0e:06:c2
IP address10.1.0.0
Subnet mask255.255.255.240
Media100baseTX <full-duplex>
In/out packets1266085/1508543 (203.24 MB/1.19 GB)
In/out errors0/0

Servers interface
MAC address00:50:fc:9c:d7:dd
IP address10.2.0.0
Subnet mask255.255.255.248
Media100baseTX <full-duplex>
In/out packets139837/99999 (160.22 MB/16.96 MB)
In/out errors0/0

Shells interface
MAC address00:a0:cc:d2:37:e7

Any suggestions would help me out.