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 From:  Robert <robertedstrom at yahoo dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Getting m0n0wall up and running.
 Date:  Thu, 1 Sep 2005 22:33:29 -0700 (PDT)
Actually the setup was like:

[ pc ]-- [ switch ] -- [ router ]  -- [ WAN ]
        [ m0n0wall ]
        [ switch 2 ] -- [ test box ]

I would just set the gateway on the pc to m0n0's lan
interface.  M0n0 may end up replacing the router in
the long run.

I eventually ended up getting m0n0 working.  Yay! 
It's probably a network driver bug like Neil said.  I
added another interface to the box and did not include
the compaq tl0 interface in the network configuration.
 It now comes up just fine without having to
reconfigure each time.

On the hp boxes, I was able to boot off the m0n0 iso
cd and it seemed to come up fine.  I'll have to
install freebsd onto the box and see if it comes up or
if I get read error again.  Does m0n0 not work with
only 1 interface installed on a system?  It did not
appear to be able to see the network with only 1

Would I be able to console into a headless mono box
via serial even though it had a video card installed? 
Or is console via serial only for wrap and soekris


--- Steve Yates <steve at teamITS dot com> wrote:

> 	So you are trying for something like:
> [ LAN ] -- [ router ] -- [ m0n0wall ] -- [ WAN ]
> ?  Sounds like removing the router and letting
> m0n0wall route on its own might
> be best?  Otherwise the WAN IP of the router must be
> an internal IP
> address and m0n0wall would have:
> LAN IP - same subnet as WAN IP of router
> WAN IP - from ISP
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>  - ITS, Inc.
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