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 From:  "James McKeand" <james at mckeand dot biz>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Web Server behind Monowall
 Date:  Tue, 6 Sep 2005 09:22:01 -0500
Chris Buechler wrote:
> On 9/5/05, Ken Herner <krherner at mtu dot edu> wrote:
>> Hello.  Here is what I am at now.  I currently have my web server set
>> up and running on my computer.  It is connected to a hub, then
>> connected to my machine running monowall.  Monowall is giving it an
>> ip address and every thing.  I am able to connect to my web server
>> via localhost.  Now, when ever anyone tries to connect to my web
>> server via my IP address, or alias(name.resnet.mtu.edu) from the
>> internet, they are continually brought to the monowall login.
>> Is there a way to set up monowall so when some one enteres in my IP
>> address, or alias, into there web browser, it will connect to my web
>> server? 
> use inbound NAT.  It shouldn't interfere with the webGUI port, or if
> it does, change the webGUI to HTTPS. 

Correct me if I am wrong but, you should not get the WebGUI on the WAN
IP. Unless you have followed this:

If you thought you were opening HTTP to your web server and did the
above - remove that rule... Then do inbound NAT (with auto-create
firewall rule) as Chris instructed. 

James W. McKeand