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 From:  Pablo Alonso <m0n0mza at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  M0n0 and FTP nat
 Date:  Fri, 9 Sep 2005 00:01:14 -0300
sory by my english, is very dramatic.

people, hi, i am juanchoX, from mendoza, argentina, is have the follow question.


I have a DMZ configured and work fine, with nat to internal network

Firewall -> NAT -> Inbound nat
ip ext: 200.XX.XX.XX, port any
nat with 
ip int LAN: 192.168.XX.XX, port ftp control and ftp data. (20 and 21)

Firewall -> NAT-> Server NAT
External IP address: 200.XX.XX.XX

Firewall -> Rules

WAN interface  
  Proto Source Port Destination Port Description  
  TCP  any       any  200.XX.XX.XX 20 FTP
  TCP  any       any  200.XX.XX.XX 21 FTP

  TCP  any       any  192.168.XX.XX   20 FTP
    TCP  any       any  192.168.XX.XX   21 FTP

proxy arp -> 200.XX.XX.XX

 have a trouble using this configuration, the error is:

Error 462: The server can't be established a connection: Connection Refused

when i try to execute ls command from a ftp client (the connection is
established and validation is succesfull),,now , from my lan, run
good, but out from my m0n0wall, the error appears.

somebody have an idea ???, in google, say that this trouble is caused
by ip_masq_ftp no present in the kernel !. or can be a not outbound
rules ?

thanks for your time people !!.


LUGmEN, Mendoza