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 From:  "RC_GMAIL" <reconrad at gmail dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Monowall basic problem
 Date:  Fri, 9 Sep 2005 03:50:04 -0600
Ok, here's my scenario. I have a dedicated box that I am setting up monowall 
on. The box stats are:
AMD k6 2,
128mb ram,
2 nics; first nic is a 3com (LAN) and the second a Kingston (WAN).

I have DSL with a Westell Wirespeed 2100.
The DSL modem goes into the WAN port on the m0n0wall.
The LAN port from the monowall goes into a netgear rp614 
router/gateway/firewall port 1.

I have shut off dhcp server on the netgear so it doesn't act as a dhcp 
server. Of course turning dhcp server ON in monowall. I was hoping by doing 
this that this should set the netgear into like a switch mode considering it 
doesn't have anything plugged into it's WAN port, the netgear shouldn't act 
as a gateway either. The netgear does have a LAN ip setup where a number 
must be input but shouldn't use it with dhcp server set off, however to be 
safe, I set this to The monowall LAN config is as follows:

LAN range is

The monowall WAN port is set to DHCP.

Once switching over to the monowall, everything is power cycled to avoid any 
MAC conflicts.
I have called my ISP and made sure they didn't have a "fixed" mac address 
and they don't. They just make sure there is only one mac registering at a 
time. On the clients side, this can be reset by power cycling the dsl modem 
or spoofing the mac---> then power down the modem for 5 minutes--->releasing 
the mac before powering back up. When the modem powers back up, it will 
register the first WAN MAC address it runs into. As long as your pc is not 
broadcasting the old mac address (which it shouldn't if you released it 
properly) then all is well.

So everything is setup the way it should be, however I can not access the 
internet lol. I can access the LAN through any client node but no internet. 
When accessing the WAN logs in monowall, it doesn't receive dhcp 
information...e.g. ISP IP, DNS IPs etc and goes into sleep.

I don't have PPPoE and don't need it. No logins required.
The westell wirespeed is a dumb modem in that it passes whatever.

When I do a ipconfig /all on a client node, it renders back that monowall is 
indeed the default gateway It is not rendering back the netgear 
as the default gateway which would be So the client is able to 
ping the monowall and access it's webGUI admin setup.

Now I know I could chuck the netgear and buy a switch but my budget is tight 
right now and this is the configuration I have to work with. I can't just 
hook a client directly into the LAN port on monowall because that would 
leave out 3 nodes on the network getting internet or accessing one another.

The ONLY thing I haven't done yet is turn off RIP in the netgear router and 
I haven't added anything to the DMZ in the netgear.

The Westell modem that i have the "Westell wirespeed 2100" is apparently a 
dumb modem and it doesn't have an interface to access. It just passes 
everything so theres nothing to adjust. Which means it's just bridging.

As far as port forwarding in monowall, I just set it everything (all 
clients) to be able to access port 80 (http) and it should be visa versa. 
Which shouldn't have anything to do with monowall wan dhcp. However, that is 
ALL I have setup for port forwarding.

Any ideas? I know monowall is suppose to be idiot proof but I think it can 
be also sophisticated if one thing is out of sync.