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 From:  "RC_GMAIL" <reconrad at gmail dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Monowall Basic Problem UPDATE
 Date:  Sun, 11 Sep 2005 09:25:03 -0600
Thanks Peter for your response

( after not being able to connect to the internet I did add some very broad 
firewall rules to monowall and the netgear router to see if that might help 
solve. It didn't.

I know in monowall's interface page (webGUI) it show's that monowall 
retrieved a gateway IP from the ISP. It also grabbed a primary dns server IP 
and an alternative.

Verizon doesn't assign anything. The real authentication that is required 
from them is on their mail servers. Everything else is a free for all 
basically (for non-PPPoE). I have confirmed that my Westell 2100 is a "dumb 
bridge modem" and doesn't do any real authentication.

At this point, this is making NO sense. I mean can understand if I am not 
able to grab an IP from the ISP that would be a reason I can not connect to 
the http www. But now I have all that and m0n0wall (which btw, hundreds if 
not thousands of small businesses run) still can't connect to the net.

(from the monowall box itself)

I pinged a yahoo IP address ( route 
to host.

I pinged one of my clients on the network 
(192.168.0.x)..........result.............100%packets lost.

I pinged my IP from the ISP............result..............boom, I get a 
reply. 0% loss.

It isn't like I am trying to set up a sophisticated vpn with ipsec or 
whatever. I am trying to get basic operations going.

~good grief~