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 From:  Kris Maglione <bsdaemon at comcast dot net>
 To:  cbuechler at gmail dot com, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall-dev] OpenVPN vs SSL Explorer
 Date:  Fri, 16 Sep 2005 20:36:28 -0400
Chris Buechler wrote:

>It also requires java to be running on the server machine.  That'd
>make m0n0wall, roughly, oh 600 times bigger than it is.  ;)  I'm not
>exaggerating by too much.   Also we couldn't redistribute it with java
>installed without jumping through hoops.
The jre of my 1.5 build is 68M... that makes it about 2.5 times 
bigger... I guess that that's close to 600

At this point, there's the 1.3 jdk binary that's available... then 
there's kaffe. Anyway, they're slow and consume a /lot/ of memory. I 
don't think you can run a JVM with any decently complex app without at 
least 256MB to spare... Don't forget the lack of swap on m0n0wall. I 
wouldn't be surprised if the JVM ate up all of the available ram on a 
modest box and crashed it when it couldn't swap.

disk image >= 85MB

Memory footprint:
  md = ~95MB
  jvm = ~256MB
  apps = ~16-32MB
  total = ~400MB ram