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 From:  Vince Van De Coevering <vpv at figaros dot com>
 To:  "'m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch'" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  FW: [m0n0wall] Excellent (and affordable) m0n0 platform
 Date:  Mon, 19 Sep 2005 14:40:47 -0700
Thanks Benoit!  
Forwarded per your request....

Vince Van De Coevering
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From: Begin, Benoit [mailto:benoit dot begin at telus dot com] 
Sent: September 19, 2005 2:07 PM
To: Vince Van De Coevering
Subject: RE: [m0n0wall] Excellent (and affordable) m0n0 platform
Importance: High

Here is the recipe (please share it in the mailing list - I am not
Write your m0n0wall image (the Generic-PC one, very important) to your
CompactFlash card.
Now you have to modify the filesystem on it (create a tiny file at the root)
with these simple steps.
Download and run the excellent "m0n0wall Live Installer", by Chris Buechler:
Boot it (I use VMware and I connect my USB CF card reader as a "Physical
Disk", seen as ad0 in BSD) and use the following commands to enable the
Serial Console:
camcontrol devlist
atacontrol list
mkdir /mnt/cf
mount /dev/<device name reported by atacontrol or camcontrol> /mnt/cf
echo -h>/mnt/cf/boot.config
umount /mnt/cf
Now your Generic-PC m0n0wall image is "Serial Console" enabled.  :-)
Connect to your PDS with a null-modem cable and run your favorite Terminal
Emulation program at 9600n81.

Benoit Bégin
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